Students will participate in Pro-Seminar sessions after arriving at Buenos Aires, led by the Regional Director and academic guests.

General Objectives:

  • Increase the immersion in the local context.
  • Augment the understanding on Argentina’s social and political situation.
  • Examine the region’s economic problems.

List of Pro Seminar Topics: 

  • Human rights and the social change.
  • Life and society in Argentina and Latin America.
  • The challenges faced by the new local government.
  • Memory and justice.
  • Cultural identity.
  • Comparison between urbanisation in Buenos Aires and rural areas.
  • Journalism in Argentina.
  • History of the arts in the region.
  • Culture: film, design, fashion and photography.


The sessions will take place twice a month, in the form of day/weekend trips and presentations given by academic specialists and/or Harvard faculty travelling to the region. Students will question, comment and discuss with the faculty and their peers on the different topics presented. After each session, the student should critically analize and write a reflection or comment in their journals.


Every student should write a Final Research Project as an individual assignment, where they have to aim to reflect their personal experience and impronta of the Study Abroad experience and examine certain theme in more depth.

The project consists of two sections, a journal and the final essay. Throughout the semester, the students will write one diary entry every 2 weeks, recording a thought, reflecting on a topic from class, retelling a cultural encounter, or a personal experience.

The final essay will explore in more depth one of the diary entries, or the ProSeminar topics based on their own observations and experiences. It should be at least ten pages, and typed single spaced.



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